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Nov 26, 2020

Re: Bose 700 Headphones Paired Windows Laptop Mic Not Working

What a nightmare, i spent 5 hours installing, uninstalling, upgrading drivers, reading forums after the Bose Music app started an upgrade in the background and killed the connection to Windows 10. Bose Music app also stopped showing anything in the Sources button whereas it worked before the attempted firmware update to 1.8.2.


Thank you sambouwer your solution worked for me!


I have a Dell 7447 laptop with Intel AC 3160 WiFi Bluetooth (even though i've updated to v17 and v22). I wanted to use the headset to take phone calls on my Huawei Mate 20 Pro and Zoom conference calls on my laptop. I want both devices connected with automatic switching to the first device that plays audio.


I was able to learn the headset in but it wouldn't play any sounds and didn't appear in my Audio Devices list (Windows key - type Manage Sound Devices).


The steps i did:

  1. Right click Windows icon, Device Manager
  2. Expand Bluetooth, right click "Bose NC 700 HP" and uninstalled it
  3. Right click anywhere, click "Scan for Hardware Changes"
  4. Right click "Bose NC 700 HP", click Properties, Driver
  5. Now showing Manufacturer Microsoft, driver 10.0.19041.488 21/06/2006 (thanks sambouwer)
  6. Right click Bluetooth icon in tray, click "Add a Bluetooth Device"
  7. Select the existing "Bose NC 700" icon which was my previous attempted pairing of the headset
  8. Click Remove device
  9. Hold on/off/bluetooth button on headset for 1 second
  10. Click Add Bluetooth device
  11. Click Bluetooth
  12. Waited for the "Bose NC 700 HP" to appear with the headphone icon, not the "LE-Bose NC 700 HP" which is an icon with two rectangles and doesnt work.
  13. Bluetooth window now shows ""Bose NC 700 HP"  with headphone icon and the text "Connected voice, music"
  14. Two bluetooth devices correctly paired now with Windows - "Bose NC 700 HP" and "Bose NC 700 HP Avrcp Transport" should appear in Device Manager. One is for music, and one is for phone calls with mic.
  15. YouTube and Zoom work now.


Hope this helps someone. What a complete waste of time. Not happy the app tried to do a firmware update in the background on a perfectly working headset. Windows updates also could have contributed to this.


Headset with the Microsoft driver (not Intel)Headset with the Microsoft driver (not Intel)If bluetooth pairing is successful it will show "voice, music"If bluetooth pairing is successful it will show "voice, music"If bluetooth pairing is successful it will show "voice, music"If bluetooth pairing is successful it will show "voice, music"If pairing uses wrong driver it will show Bose NC under "Other devices". Here i have my PowerBeats Pro working correctly.If pairing uses wrong driver it will show Bose NC under "Other devices". Here i have my PowerBeats Pro working correctly.


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Jan 14, 2021

Re: Bose 700 Headphones Paired Windows Laptop Mic Not Working

I bought these headphones to work from home. Teams calls, taking phone calls on my phone. I don't plan on wearing them all day, listening to music. I just put them on when I need. I need the NC for a noisy office when we have to go in to work.

I am disappointed in finding out that it doesn't work on Teams, using Windows 10. It is a work laptop so I don't have admin rights to download things, fiddle with settings etc.

I have a BTD from a previous pair of Sennheiser/EPOS headphones. I tried that. It works fine (so far). Googling other forums you can find other people suggesting particular brands of BTDs that they've found work with Windows 10 and Bose 700s. So why is Bose not including a BTD or suggesting particular ones to buy?


While I'm making design suggestions to Bose, the EPOS headphones used to turn on and off when you twisted them from flat to 'ready to wear'. Much easier than remembering to push a little button. And if I have read correctly, and the NC doesn't work when they are plugged in to charge and the microphone doesn't either, this is pretty bad. On a long flight, you want the quiet of NC but they will run out and need charging. And if they run flat on a work day, you need to keep working while they charge.


I appreciate that the proliferation of Teams/Skype etc probably hadn't taken off when Bose designed these things, but after a year of Covid, surely the engineers have kept pace with demand.

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Feb 5, 2021

Re: Bose 700 Headphones Paired Windows Laptop Mic Not Working

From my testing I've found that the actual driver being used is the Bluetooth Device (RFCOMM Protocol TDI)


I've confirmed this by disabling that driver and my headphones reverting to output only.

Using this rather dated RFCOMM driver (2006!) results in regular disconnection of the microphone 15-20min into a video call. Have experienced in both Teams and Zoom...and only on my Windows machine. Connection on MacBook Pro is solid and mic remained connected for 2.5hr zoom call and 2hr Teams call.


I think a windows update is involved in the issue. Prior to the weekend (Friday Feb 5 my device manger did not list the RFCOMM driver and only showed the 2 Bose devices in the bluetooth section. The handsfree driver is from 2019 and maintained a microphone connection for approx 1.5hrs on a teams call.

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Mar 7, 2021

Re: 700: issues with PC connectivity and microphone usage

Before creating a new topic, please search the Community to avoid creating duplicate threads. If you are posting about a problem, the more of the below details you can include (if applicable) the easier it will be for others to try and help. Go to for a helpful post on how to find relevant information, including your firmware and app version information!


Bose product name

NC 700

Country United States


Firmware Version


App Version


What devices were you using that were affected and what version are they on (e.g. Samsung Galaxy S9 on Android 11, iPhone X on iOS14, etc.)  HP Spectre laptop

Detailed description of the issue and steps to reproduce Headphones work great as headphones, and I can hear music, movies, etc. etc.  However, whenever I use an application like Zoom or other telehealth platforms, I cannot hear the caller or the caller cannot hear me.


What environment do you experience the issue in?  Quiet office


When did you start to experience the issue? Did it work correctly previously?  When I first started using the headphones, they worked great.  Challenges have started about two weeks ago.


Any troubleshooting steps you took: Checked to make sure that permissions were granted, checked audio settings in computer, reset headphones.