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May 24, 2020

AE2w headdphones

I'm trying to run an update on a pair of AE2w headphones. The update says it will start automatically when the product is recognised, but this doesn't happen? Any suggestions please?


Re: AE2w headdphones

Hello Chris, 


Thanks for posting. 


I'm sorry to hear you're having difficulties updating your headphones. 


I would recommend trying a different Micro USB cable. Not all cables are created equally, some have only power wires inside for charging. The cable needs to feature data wires to allow transmission of information, in this case, firmware update information. 


Is there a reason why you're trying to update the firmware? Are you having issues with the headphones? 


Past updates for the AE2w include:


Released 15 Mar 2018

Version 2.5.1



  • Improves Music Share performance
  • Resolves iOS ringtone volume playing louder than expected
  • General stability improvements

Released 5 Aug 2013

Version 01.02.00



  • Resolves poor call performance when the battery is low

Released 10 May 2013

Version 01.01.01



  • Improved volume level syncing

Released 7 May 2013

Version 1.00.00

  • Initial release



All the best. 

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