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Nov 5, 2019

ANC off when I power on 🎧

When I power on my 700 NC headphones noise cancellation is deactivated? However the headphones still think the phone is on ANC level 10. I have to use the button to cycle through my favorites, or use the app to change to a different ANC level and change back to 10. Its a new bug, but consistent the past 2 months. 


Re: ANC off when I power on 🎧

Hi Popjunkie,


That is a strange issue you have encountered.


As you say this has been consistent for the past 2 months, did you notice anything change before it started? Have you been using the headphones with a new phone or anything like that?


As something that would definitely be worth checking, in the noise-cancellation settings, do you have the Remember My Last Setting options enabled? Does the behavior change at all if you change this setting?


Let me know so I can look into this further with you.

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