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Nov 16, 2019

Accessibility features?

I bought the Bose Quiet Comfort 35ii for a quadriplegic friend in a nursing home because it said it works with Alexa.  However, it seems to require the ability to press the Action button to use Alexa. He has very little use of his hands.  Someone has to put the headphones on him and tuen them on, so that person could press the button initially to get started.  But once Alexa is playing in the headphones, Alexa will not do any commands unless he can press the Action button first.  Is there not an Accessibility feature to allow him to just say Alexa lower volume or Alexa answer phone or Alexa stop, any command at all, without pressing the button?  That was the whole reason we got them.  When toy go from being a very active athletic person to losing all independence, it is an awesome thing to be able to do something for yourself, like tell Alexa to play music.  The headphones were not cheap and it is too late to return them because it took us 8 months to get him settled and get around to trying them.  Now it appears we are stuck with some great headphones that he can’t use if he can’t do everything hands free.