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Apr 21, 2020

Alarm/continuous beeping

Bose SoundLink around ear wireless 2 wont stop beeping when connected to my phone. Connected it to my GF's Huawei Phone a few days back so she could watch Big Bang Theory in peace while I was drilling around the home don't know if that is relevant but since last night when I've to connect them back up to my Pixel XL 2 they won't stop beeping. It's like an alarm.. any ideas? 


United Kingdom


My name is Dom 





Ideally there would be a rest button to get them back to original factory state. But can't see one visibly?! 


Re: Alarm/continuous beeping

Hi Dom,


That seems quite strange! Do you know if the Huawei phone is still showing the headphones as connected?


What I'd recommend trying to eliminate the beeping noise would be to clear the pairing list of the headphones by sliding the Power switch up to the Bluetooth symbol and hold it until you hear the "Bluetooth device list cleared".


Let me know if that clears the problem!

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