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Jun 8, 2021

All Audio except Call Audio cuts out when I'm in a call

Whenever I'm on my computer and I join any type of call through any app, my audio (Game audio, background music, just all audio) cuts out except for the call audio. So I'm not able to hear anything but the audio coming from the call. I've tried to find many ways to disable this feature for months but I haven't been able to, so I've had to revert back to my older headphones with poor quality for now

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Couldn't even find any solutions to fix the problem online.



Re: All Audio except Call Audio cuts out when I'm in a call

Hi kl706 


Welcome to the Community! Thank you for your post.

We are here to help with your issue. Can you please verify that headphones that you have? Please enter the serial number/DOM on this LINK and let us know.

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Jun 15, 2018

Re: All Audio except Call Audio cuts out when I'm in a call

@kl706(I do not work for Bose)


what you are experiencing is not a bug but rather 'by design'.  I believe what you are experiencing is implemented the same way for all Bose Bluetooth 4.x products such as the QC35 headphones and the Revolve to name two.

Here is the scoop - the Bluetooth (BT) standard to which Bose adheres to, has two mutually exclusive 'profiles' among its list of profiles that are relevant here - one call A2DS which defines the communications mechanism for stereo streaming and a second called HFP (Hands Free Profile) for phone calls or voice over IP (VOIP) applications such as Zoom, Whatsapp, Skype, etc.

They both can not be active at the same time.  So this is how Bose has implemented it - if you are stereo streaming and you get an incoming phone call/VOIP or make a call/VOIP, then the profile is switched to HFP and the stereo streaming is paused until the call completes.  This will be the case whether the switch comes from the same device (music on your laptop and you get a Whatsapp call) or from a different device (music on  laptop and you phone gets a call) as Bose devices can be simultaneously connected to one or two BT devices.

You have no control over this switching functionality.  In fact, I can't speak for Android, but I can say this is also the behavior for an iPhone even without Bose.  If you are listening to music on an iPhone and a call comes in, the music is paused until the call completes.

So again, if you play music on your phone, if it's an iPhone, you can't keep the music playing during the call (phone or VOIP app).  Some apps, like Zoom, will allow you to share music with participants during a zoom call, though.  Can't speak for all VOIP apps though.  I 'hear' that in the next version of iOS (15), Facetime will get a functional boost and may have many of the features of Zoom.

If you are playing music on another device like a laptop and get a call or VOIP on your phone, the only way I know to get them both happening at the same time is to un-pair your QC35 from one of the two devices.  But the bottom line is you won't be able to simultaneously here music and phone call through the QC35 simultaneously - one must go through another speaker.