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Apr 1, 2020

Annoying white noise in left earcup Bose 700 Limited Edition

I just received my Bose 700 Ltd Edition headphones 3/30/2020.  For about 3 days they worked great, then suddenly I started experiencing the white noise issue in left ear.  Turning off and back on would only solve it for an hour or so.  


I then went through the steps indicated in this forum.  I ran the software update which did not help.  I then tried to do the reset, and now they are completely dead.  They work when plugged in using the headphone jack, but they won't power up and no light comes on when I plug in the USB cable.  


I tried calling this morning (4/1/2020) and phone support is shut down due to covid-19.  It is  understandable that they need to protect their employees, but there is no indication that they are even working on a capability for their support team to handle calls remotely.  


I have begun processing a return.  I just hope that process works.