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Aug 30, 2019

BOSE NC 700 UC - Reviews?

Hi All,


Im patiently waiting for the availability of the Bose 700 UC headphones as this will be mainly used for my work teams conference together with answering phone calls.


I just wanted to check if someone has already tried the product and if it works as intended and marketed, as i understood this product was made because of the numerous complains of the non-UC 700’s connectivity while being connected both to the computer and mobile phone.


Thank you in advance!


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Oct 15, 2020

Re: BOSE NC 700 UC - Reviews?

Hi, I wrote a lengthy text here a few days ago but it "got lost", so allow me to summarize it quickly. 

The 700 UC work great for me,  I have the USB link connected to my work PC and they are connected to my phone at the same time, didn't notice any problem like stutter. It did happen that I received a Teams call on my PC and the audio didn't switch to the usb link without me first turning bluetooth off on my phone.  The biggest problem for me now is that I cannot answer or hangup a Teams call by double tapping the touch controller, but I think this could be fixed by a firmware update or even by Microsoft, because it works well in Skype for Business, so I doubt this one might be a problem with Teams.