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Mar 6, 2020

Bose 700 Charging issue

My headphones were down to four hours. I plugged in to charge and thought all was well. Came back and says that I have 2 hours 45 minutes left. Now down to 2:15. I follow the proper procedures to charge and when I plug in cable and hold bluetooth/power light for the two seconds, it only turns on my headphones, tells me I only have 2:15 and then connects to my phone. This is very frustrating. The amount left on the charge cannot be trusted. I really don't know whether the initial charge worked or do I have a full charge but only hearing 2:15. Please help!


Re: Bose 700 Charging issue

Hello twalker, 


Thanks for posting and reaching out to the community today! Sorry to read about your experience with your headphones, I would love to assist you with this. 


I would recommend that we ensure that you are performing the standard product reset correctly on the headset, by following these steps below: 

  • Disconnect all cables from your headphones
  • Connect the larger end of the USB charging cable to a wall charger or a computer that is powered on
  • On the headphones, press and hold the Power/Bluetooth button while connecting the smaller end of the USB cable to the right earcup. The Power LED should quickly blink twice
  • Once connected, release the Power/Bluetooth button after two seconds.

Let's also ensure that your headset is running the latest firmware version by connecting it to a PC via the USB charging cable, then heading to our online updater. Once you are on the website please follow the steps listed to perform the update. 


We look forward to hearing back from you with the result of these steps above.

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