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Feb 21, 2021

Bose 700 NC and Bose UC Compatability

Before creating a new topic, please search the Community to avoid creating duplicate threads. If you are posting about a problem, the more of the below details you can include (if applicable) the easier it will be for others to try and help. Go to https://bose.life/2K1GbJl for a helpful post on how to find relevant information, including your firmware and app version information!


Bose product name

Bose 700 NC



Firmware Version


App Version


What devices were you using that were affected and what version are they on (Apple Mac.)

Detailed description of the issue and steps to reproduce

This is a question, I have a set of BOSE 700 NC over-ear headphones can I use the Bluetooth USB accessory to improve the Microsoft teams meeting comms quality. Currently, the sound quality on my Mac using the headphones is not sufficient to use on Microsoft Team's calls, in terms of sound output from the onboard mics.

What environment do you experience the issue in? (e.g. noisy office, quiet kitchen, etc.)

Home Office

When did you start to experience the issue? Did it work correctly previously?

People cannot properly hear my voice of COnference calls (Microsoft teams)

Any troubleshooting steps you took

Ended up buying a wired Headset but want to use my original Bose 700's



Re: Bose 700 NC and Bose UC Compatability

Hey DavidM3,


Thank you for taking the time to post and welcome to the Bose Community. You pose a great question and I'd be happy to advise.


The USB Bluetooth Module is specifically designed to be used with the Noise Cancelling 700 Headphones for seamless conference calls, to turn any space into a meeting place with the "critically acclaimed noise-canceling, astonishing sound, and unrivaled voice pickup.". The module ensures an easy and efficient connection to your laptop and allows you quickly switch between audio sources and respond to Microsoft Teams' incoming calls and notifications.


Outside of this, you may want to try a product reset and clear the Bluetooth pairing list of your laptop to re-establish a fresh connection.


Read more through the link and let me know if you have any further queries!

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