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Jan 14, 2020

Bose 700, can engineering explain why?

I understand this is meant to be Bose's flagship consumer headphone. Something to show case how much Bose has learned from their experience, and from competitors.
Therefore, a few simple questions come to mind:
1. Why does plugging in the Jack automatically switch off Bluetooth? I am blind and it would help me tremendously to mix in 2 input sources (I.e.: computer and smartphone)
2. I was so excited about USB Type C support. Why does it not provide audio over USB? I have Headsets that cost 4 times less that provide that function. Was it too much to ask to be able to charge while in use, or mix in both USB Audio and Bluetooth? As a reminder, the Bose Revolve allow the use of USB Audio. I did not expect Bose to go "backward".
3. For the love of god, why can we not manually switch the input source? It's one thing to pile up the 2 frustrations above, but it's a whole different level to feel handicapped and at the mercy of the audio source that's authoritative. Use the app, you say? How can I use the app if I have another source hijacking the audio on my headset and I depend on audio to navigate my phone? (I am blind)
It's clearly not the same product team that developed these and the Bose Revolve. What a disgrace!