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Feb 13, 2021

Bose 700 headphone mic does not work with Switch

I just bought the 700 noise cancellation headset to play fortnite on switch. The voice chat does not work when I plug it in to the jack. The mic works fine on pc and my phone. Voice chat with the switch works fine if I use my iPhone earphones. I was told that 35 (previous version of the same headset) works fine with switch. Can anyone help me out to set this thing up? Thanks!


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Dec 4, 2016

Re: Bose 700 headphone mic does not work with Switch

I'm assuming that when you say it works with your PC and phone that you are using BT?  The cable that comes with the NC700s does not transmit voice.  The cable for the QC35 is the same so that wouldn't work either.


You'll need to purchase the in-line cable for the QC25 which has the mic built in to the cable (and from memory you should be better off with the android cable rather than the apple one).  This means it won't work with the NC700 mic, but the cables one.  This has been a workaround for using headphones on consoles for a number of years.