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Sep 19, 2019

Bose 700 headphones mic not working after a few minutes in zoom

After several months troubleshooting this issue with Bose 700 headphones I have to say this product should never have been released.


Just to state the real issue here, I have reset, replaced and updated a couple pairs of headphones to date.  As soon as you try to use these for conferencing software of any kind, the MIC crashes and drops out after just a few minutes.


I am not sure what the issues are, but Zoom has told me they are aware that some Bose products do this because they lose connectivity or purposely drop connectivity and then the software crashes it out.  This is the same for just about any other conferencing software I have used.  I'm running Windows 10

I see a warning that my MIC has stopped working, and nothing I have done to date fixes this.  I have now been labeled as the guy in the office who's MIC never works.  Now that Bose has damaged my reputation I am done with them as a brand, you obviously need to fire your software engineers and hire someone with experiencing building on a stable Bluetooth driver stack!!!!!!


Re: Bose 700 headphones mic not working after a few minutes in zoom

Hello A-A-Ron,


Thanks for posting!


I'm deeply sorry to hear about these issues you are facing when using your NC Headphones 700 with Zoom. 

I'd like to reference this thread Computer Related Informational Post which may provide some insight regarding establishing a connection to a computer. 


Which other conferencing software have you used an experienced this on?


Do you have any other devices connected when this is happening?


Warm regards,

Charlotte G