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Jun 5, 2020

Bose 700 is currently being swapped - what to do with the replacement to prevent issues?

After owning the 700s for a week I encountered a lot of issues with them.

Out of the box they worked great, unfortunately the firmware automatically upgraded my pair and than the problems started.


1. I couldn't charge them fully, they would also indicate wrong levels of battery and weird usage times.
2. I heard a stutter from time to time on a former stable bluetooth 5.0 connection

3. The ANC seemed to sound different after the latest update

4. The headphone suddenly stopped charging and I couldn't get it on, whatever charger or procedure I tried (I had contact with an official Bose store in my country and they guided me through the process, they basically came to the conclusion that I cannot fix it myself. I've also read multiple threads with people having all of these issues.)

My replacement is on the way, so with that in mind;


I could just not install the Bose app but that would also mean certain features won't work, No EQ and no improvements in Zoom, Teams, audio calling software, etc.

However, I am skeptical and worried about upgrading it again. If a new headphones completely breaks down in a few days, and much more people encounter it, are we still talking about software/Firmware failures or do these things (like not going on at all)  indicate a hardware problem in the entire 700 line-up?

I am looking for answers here and my store advised me the post my questions and concerns here. Please users and Bose, let me know what I can do to prevent a lemon in the near future.