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May 27, 2020

Bose 700 issue randomly starts playing spotify

Hi, after installing latest software I have an issue when using headphones with my Huawei phone.

I randomly get Spotify starting up and playing music. Even if I am not using Spotify or even have the app open!

I.e listing to a movie on you tube, or just wearing the headphones for noise cancellation with no other apps open....

Was perfectly fine on older software I got with headphones.


Re: Bose 700 issue randomly starts playing spotify

Hey roccopgregori,

That's quite unusual - have you tried to reset your phone at all?


Does this issue occur when the headphones are connected to any other devices such as iPhones?


Are your headphones up-to-date in terms of firmware? Visit the Bose Updater HERE to check this.

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