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Jul 19, 2020

Bose 700 left cup not working with audio cable



ive been having issues with my Bose 700 headphones when connected by audio cable. I use my headphones wired at the pc and suddenly the left earcup stopped functioning. When connected via Bluetooth both sides work perfect. It only occurs while the audio cable is used. 

how can I fix this? Or do I need to send it back?  

headphones are 7 months old... this seems like an issue for budget headphones....


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Dec 4, 2016

Re: Bose 700 left cup not working with audio cable

It sounds like a cable issue.


First step is to check the cable is plugged in properly both ends.  It's not as obvious on the 700s, but when pushing the cable in you sometimes feel it click into place (but it's not all the way in).  An extra push may "seat" it properly.


Next check both ends of the cable.  I've seen plenty of times where the pin has been bent, mostly from dropping connected phone and the cable taking the weight suddenly, or on an aircraft where the person sitting next to you has jogged the connection..  If this is the case then you just need a replacement cable (bent pins tend to be accidental damage which isn't covered by warranty).


Lastly you may need to check your computer settings, there may be a balance setting that was accidentally changed.


If none of those work, it would be worth checking with the place you purchased them from.