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Feb 11, 2020

Bose 700 new hardware version

Folks - when speaking to an agent for an issue, he alluded to there being a new hardware version for the bose 700 because of the many issues. I tried to reconfirm but he wasn't so sure suddenly. Has anybody heard something similar?


Currently most of my issues are fixed but the headset never remembers the last noise cancellation level



Re: Bose 700 new hardware version

Hi dohat,


Thank you for posting, I would be happy to help you with this.


We don't currently have any plans for hardware revisions for any of our headphones. This is not to say we aren't always working on improving them, we will be releasing firmware updates to make sure you are able to experience the full potential of your headphones. We don't have any information to share about when these will be coming, or what they will include at this time, but we will make sure to update the community as soon as we have something to share.


I would be happy to help with the issue you are having with the noise-cancellation settings on your headphones.


Just to clarify, when you turn your headphones back on, do you notice a difference in the noise-cancellation on your headphones, or does the app not show the correct setting level but it sounds like it the level is correct?


The first thing I would do, to make sure this is working correctly, is to check for and install any available updates for your headphones using the Device Updater on a computer.


Let me know how you get on.

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