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Mar 18, 2021

Bose 700s Headphones Connection Problems with Samsung S21+

I recently purchased the Bose 700s headphones for over 500$ and I am experiencing so many connection issues!

When I had first bought them I never had these issues. I am barely getting them now.

Here's my main issue. First, I will press the Power/Bluetooth button to turn it on, and it immediately connects to my Samsung S21+ Mobile device. My phone is completely updated, so is the Bose Music App, and so are my Headphones.


However, most times I can not play music, or any audio at that, and it is unresponsive to when I push buttons.


For example, a couple seconds after I connect, I would try to turn it back off by pressing the Power button, yet I get no response what so ever.

Additionally, when I enter the Bose Music app and try to connect through there, it would say something similar to "Connection Failed. Please try again." Even though my phone is clearly connected. So then I tried some solutions.


I first unpaired to headphones, and then I deleted the device on the Bose Music app. I then tried to connect these headphones all over again through the app.

First it asked for permission, then it asked again for another permission. I tapped agree to both requests. It then paired with my phone, but it did not show that it was paired on the app. It was still loading.

Then the headphones all of a sudden become unresponsive AGAIN. And then it shuts off after about 40 seconds. And then it turns back on again. It does this repeatedly. Turning on and off and on and off. 

And sometimes, it will let me play audio for about 40 seconds. And after that 40 second mark, it's makes a loud BUZZZZ or BEEEEP sound and shuts off. Then it turns back on. Then off. Then on...


Yes, I tried unistalling and reinstalling the app. Yes, I reset my headphones multiple times. Yes, I rebooted my phone. 


It feels like I wasted my money on these headphones. 

Please help me resolve this. I don't want to have to return them and buy something else.



Re: Bose 700s Headphones Connection Problems with Samsung S21+

Hello Jsscur, 


Thanks for posting and welcome to the forums. 


I am so sorry that you are having an issue with your NC 700 headphones. The troubleshooting steps you have taken so far are great. I would like to try and isolate what is causing the issue so that we can get it resolved quickly. In your message, you only mention the Samsung 21+. Have you tested the headphones with any other device? Does the same issue present? Also, do other Bluetooth headphones work with your phone?


I look forward to your reply.

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