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Sep 16, 2019

Bose Black DIamond QC 35 II - Windows 10 Bluetooth connectivity to PC

Dear all,


I am new to this forum, and I have been struggling for the past several months, ever since purchasing the Bose QC 35 II headsets, to find a solution to connect through Bluetooth the new headsets to my laptop.


Initially I didn't manage, and I was getting quite frustrated. Afterall, other bluetooth (no name brands actually) audio devices connected perfectly fine, why wouldn't Bose apparel connect as easy as those?


All forum threads recommended using third party bluetooth add ons, plug and play type, which didn't make sense. Up to the point where I have realised that, just by turning the headset on didn't mean activating the headset's bluetooth pairing mode.


So, if there are still others seeking a straight forward - out of the box - means of connecting your bluetooth headphones to your Windows 10 PC (desktop with built in, add-on, or laptop with native bluetooth connectivity), here is the proper, out of the box, standard way of doing so (I am currently using my headsets on my Windows laptop without any third party solutions):


- open your Windows 10 "Settings - Bluetooth and other devices" menu;

- switch the Bose QC 35 headset button to the second position (where you have to manually hold the button in position) for a second or two, while having your headsets over your ears, until you hear the Bose message saying "ready to connect to another device" ;

- in the previously open WIndows Settings menu, select the + sign (Add Bluetooth or other device), give it a few sconds to scan, and then select the "Black Diamond" device;

- it will confirm the successful connection (both in your ear - Bose message, and in the Windows menu);

- then right click the windows tray bar icon of the speaker, select "Open Sound Settings", and make sure that in both input and output you select device as "Headphones (Black Diamond Stereo)" and "Black Diamond Hands-Free AG Audio" respectively: output and input;

- enjoy your newly paired wireless Bose headsets with your PC/Laptop.


Again, if I am describing something that all of you have already figured out, please ignore and apologise the redundant post. If, however, you have been twisting your mind over this challenge, I do hope you will find the above steps as useful!