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Feb 16, 2021

Bose NC 700 Won’t Pair With SONY TV

I have a new BOSE NC 700 headset.  Attempting to connect to Sony Bravia XBR-49x800H TV.  Place both in pairing mode.  TV keeps looking but wont find the Bose.  My Sony finds other devices no problem.  My Bose connect to my Pixel just fine.  I just cant' get the Sony TV to find the Bose.  What's up?  I saw a similar post on your forum that said "solved", but it was not, in fact, solved!  Read your post.  No solutions were provided.  Help please.  I spent a lot for these, and expect them to work with just about anything.

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Jun 15, 2018

Re: Bose NC 700 Won’t Pair With SONY TV

@jdevonal(I do not work for Bose)

I agree with you - if the 700 pair with a smartphone they should show up on the Sony pairing list.  I can tell you though I have a QC35ii and a Samsung, I can sit on my couch about 8 to 10 feet away and the TV will find the headphones.

From a troubleshooting perspective, you don't have many options.  You can clear out the 700 and put it back to factory settings and try again.  You can update the firmware (that is what Bose is going to suggest though I fail to see how that will help and you may already have the latest firmware.  You can put the 700 right next to the TV.  You can reinitialize the Sony TV to the factory settings and then try to pair.

You may have already done all of the above.  As I have a QC35ii and not 700, I am not an expert in the minute details but I suspect the above are all your options unless Bose moderators/support people add any more detail.

After all the above, both vendors will likely ask you to contact the other vendor.  We all know where that will go since Bose will say the 700 pairs fine with other devices (maybe even other TVs) and Sony could say the same.