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Apr 7, 2020

Bose NC 700 less than stellar noise cancelling out of box?

I received my Bose NC 700 today and the noise cancelling is very poor in general at highest setting of 10 and no where near the QC 35 ii I previously owned.


For example I can hear my girlfriend from upstairs while she is making a work call with the door closed and noise cancellation at the highest setting of 10. My keyboard when typing is a little more quiet but no better than a pair of earbuds in with no music playing. The QC 35 ii being 2.5 years older some how did a better job than this brand new set with newer technology. I've read about the firmware issues in QC 35 ii and even the 700s before purchasing and assumed it was paranoia but this can't be normal for a $400 set of headphones with the primary function being cancelling noise. 


From previous responses by moderators I can already tell this will be a standard thank you and this isn't normal please reset the headset with the follow steps reply. That's another issue you can't even tell if it's reset properly unless it bricks like mine did for an hour before I was able to turn them back on.


Are these just not very good at noise cancelling or am I crazy?