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Apr 17, 2019

Bose NC Headphones 700 - Discomfort - Any tips?

Hi All,


this is not a proper “product issue” post, but more a request for an advice.


As per the subject, I own a pair of Bose NC Headphones 700 since a couple of months now after having used a QC35 II for quite some time.


The point here is that no matter how I try to set my headband or adjust the earcups, my ears starting to hurt after – let’s say – half an hour or less!


This happened also with my previous QC35 II, but after some weeks they “broke in” and I was able to listen to them for hours with no excessive pain. That’s not the case with the new 700!


Let me just add that I have big ears and I always found difficult to wear any kind of around hear headphones, that’s why I cannot complain to Bose for that.


I just would like to know if there is someone having the same discomfort and eventually if there is some after sale cushions available in the market (bigger and deeper than the stock ones).


Any help will be appreciated!

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Apr 10, 2017

Re: Bose NC Headphones 700 - Discomfort - Any tips?

I initially also found my Bose NC 700 to be uncomfortable after a short while. This is no longer the case....


i also have large ears and the QC 35 headphones never fit me correctly. The ear ups seamed to be less deep than my older QC 15 headphones. So, I had to stick with the QC 15 because of comfort. When the 700 came out I was excited because they have more depth and my ears did not hit the inside of the ear ups as on the QC 35!  Unfortunately, I found that the 700 had a couple of things going against them for comfort 1). A better passive seal causing them to clamp more and to become more warm than previous QC headphones.  2) more headphone heights on the ear ups but less width (measuring front to back).  This meant that it was easier to find the right head band adjustment to get the height right, but harder to adjust the placement of the headphones in order to get the width correct (hope this makes sense). 

in the end, it took me a few weeks to get used to them. Comfort has increased. Secondly, I discovered that if they do not feel quite right, it is easier to readjust by removing them and replacing them on my head. Before I would try to adjust while on my head and fislying with the headband height. This just made it worse. So, removing them and putting them back on in order to get the ear ups placed just right. All without re-adjusting the headband.  


This is what works for me. I am ecstatic that I can have the latest Bose with almost as much comfort as my old and trusty QC 15 headphones.


That said, they May never be comfortable for you.  Just the reality of headphone buying. With all the variations of physical dimensions and hearing preferences, I am still amazed how Bose makes products that sound good and fit right for relatively 90 percent of people. 

Hope this helps!