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Oct 25, 2018

Bose NC700 Headphones - Happy Customer

So, I was reading all the bad news posts on here and on Reddit, and I was VERY hesitant into buying them. But I decided to take a leap of faith and buy them off Amazon. They arrived today and here are my thoughts


-Packaging is heat and simple. Rip off plastic from the side and a nice simple box. Inside the box is the Bose carry case which is surprisingly thin. I saw a lot of reviews mention that is bigger than the QC35ii and the 1000MX3's, but no one mentioned how thin the case is. Really good.


-Headset is nice. I like that it is metal as my previous Beats Studio's cracked TWICE! My buddy's MX3 cracked and was out of warranty and they charged him for £ to repair it - so I was totally against any plastic headbands. There was a mark on each headphone stem (lack of a better word) where the ear cups slide up and down, but it wiped off with my finger easily


- So the biggest test for me was was listening how good the bass is. I listen to hip-hop 90% of the time, RnB, grime, garage, basically bass heavy music and honestly I was pretty disappointed with the bass levels. BUT! I remembered that Spotify has an equaliser. So I ended up with the following settings which I was extremly satisfied with:


This was basically Bass Boost setting and I tested it with bass heavy tracks and the headsets responded how I expected it to.


-I have not owned a pair of noise cancelling headphones before so I was generaly not used to the capabilities and I have no idea how the other headsets perform in real life, although I have tried them in store. I sit in an office with an AC, clattering keyboards and lots of voices, and whilst it did not cut them all out, I could not hear any background now when music was playing.


-I rang my girlfriend for around 10 mins and at the end of the call I asked her "how do I sound". Now I didn't tell her I was calling from the headset, but she said I sounded like I was inside. I was actually near Moorgate station in a busy part of London, with buses, bikes, cars and building work going on. So the ANC worked really well, but I think the microphones worked stellar, as she said I sounded really clear, but just a little quiet. But I think that is because I turned on the self-voice setting and I thought I was speaking too loud, so I lowered my tone


-I have a big head and I had zero clamping issues at all, they're really comfortable actually. I had them on from around 4.30PM -> 8PM and ony readjusted them because I was sweating (not used to earmuffs and London heat!). I had no sore spots on my head or anywhere else


Now 1 issue I keep having over and over again is this:

-The touch controls stop working. I cannot accurately replicate it, but it is has happened when I've been listening to music on Spotify on my iPhone AND paired to a Cisco deskphone. I pause a track for a min or two, then I double tap and nothing. No volume control, no track control - BUT I can hold press and hear the battery levels.


This happened again whilst just on my iPhone and listening to music on Spotify, then went to Instagram and played a video with audio. Stopped the video and tried to double tap to continue the music, but I had the same issue - nothing would happen. I had to use my iPhone to play the song again. Not too sure whats going on there, but there is 100% a bug in there. 


ALSO. When I play music from 2 different sources on an iPhone, one would pause whilst the other starts playing. Just like the example above, the Spotify track should have paused, then the Instagram audio should start. But instead both played. Is that normal?


Anyway, I'm pretty much satisfied with the headphones. Not much I'd change besides probably sometime of auto pause when taking them off (if it can detect motion and turn them off after 10 mins, then surely it can detect when you take them off?) and one huge one: RELEASE THE SOFTWARE UPDATE WITH THE EQUALISER!!




Re: Bose NC700 Headphones - Happy Customer

Hello Mechs85,


Thank you for posting your first impressions of the Noise Cancelling Headphones 700. 


I'm thrilled to hear how the headphones have positively impacted you in a short period of time. 


With regards to the issue you had with Instagram, does this issue only occur with that app? What about other apps, such as YouTube, Reddit, etc? In my testing with an iPhone, the Noise Cancelling headphones, Spotify and Instagram, I was able to play audio from Spotify, then pause with the double tap function, listen to the audio of the Instagram video, then continue listening after watching. Curiously, Instagram had no impact on the audio playback of Spotify, if I hadn't forced Spotify to pause, both audio streams would have played over each other. This is completely different from my experiences on other services like YouTube which automatically pause audio external to the YouTube app.


As you seem to be having a slightly different experience, please try to restart the phone, unpair the headphones, pair them to your phone again, and re-test. Additionally, if you have not updated the firmware since purchase, please do this. The fastest method is to connect the headphones to a computer and visit this link.


I'd be interested to hear how you get on, and if any other members of the community are having similar issues, please feel free to comment. 


Kind regards, 


Jeff G - Community Support

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