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Feb 25, 2021

Bose NC700: Volume with Aux & NC on


Bose product name


NC 700






Firmware Version




App Version



What devices were you using that were affected and what version are they on 
Laptop (Linux) Smartphone (Android 9.0)


Detailed description of the issue and steps to reproduce


I just got these headphones yesterday, installed the latest firmware and suffering from this vexing problem:


When the Headphones are on (for example noise canceling is active) and the headphones are connected to the music source with the provided aux cable, the volume is very low/feeble. 

This is issue is similar to that reported here (https://community.bose.com/t5/Around-On-Ear-Headphones/Sound-becomes-very-feeble-when-connected-usin...) but the solution provided at the link, does not address the problem (I confirm my HP are on).



Are you able to experience the same problem? Can this be fixed by using another firmware? 






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May 6, 2021

Re: Bose NC700: Volume with Aux & NC on

I have the same issue for both my nc700's and my wife's.  Did you ever find a resolution?


Re: Bose NC700: Volume with Aux & NC on

Hey Kavak and Preilly44, 


Thank you both for posting and welcome to the Community! I'm sorry to hear that you are both experiencing low audio when connected via Aux. 


We have a great list of steps to start with here. Can you both please also let me know if you are connecting directly to the device or using an adapter at all? 


I'd also love to know if you have attempted to use the headset with any other devices or just one? 


We look forward to hearing back from you both with further details. 

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