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Jul 31, 2019

Bose NC700 call quality issue firmware 1.7.0

Hi, since I am using firmware version 1.7.0 on my Bose NC700, the call quality has dropped drastically.


The person on the other side just cant hear me at all or my voice is very poor so that it is not understandable at all. I have to switch  from the headphones to my phone in order to continue the conversation.


Previously this was not an issue.

Do other people also experience this?


Re: Bose NC700 call quality issue firmware 1.7.0

Hi Dinesh,


I'm sorry to hear you feel the latest firmware has affected the quality of your phone calls. Are you still using the headphones with the same device as before? The 1.7.0 firmware would've improved VOIP performance.


Have you tried a reset on the headphones as shown HERE, and tested a call again? The reset will clear any minor underlying issues. Let me know what you find.

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