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Jan 22, 2020

Bose On Ear Wireless Headphones Not Turning On


I got the BOSE ON-EAR WIRELESS HEADPHONES as a gift this past Christmas. My dad got them earlier that year and was passing them on. He was always careful with them and I was always careful after I got them.

I set them down for an hour and I come back to find that  the bluetooth is not working. I turn the switch on and it doesn't say "BATTERY AT __%" or "CONNECTED TO ___". It doesn't connect to any bluetooth whatsoever. It is just silent when the switch is on. The charging light turns red whenever it is turned on, but when I plug it in it turns green. The warranty is up, and I really dont want to have to pay $100 to get a new pair.

Please, is there anything I can do from here?