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Jan 13, 2021

Re: Bose QC 35 Firmware 4.5.2 Noise Cancellation Investigation Discussion

An update just in case anyone is interested:

So, I sent my original pair of QC 35II back and just received the new ones. The set is running Firmware version 4.3.6 with DOM of 15 July 2020.


Once again, the toggle (in the app) to high NR achieves very little noticeable change.


When I first bought these: I couldn't hear my laptop keyboard when I typed (and it's a very quiet keyboard anyway). Walking along roads etc I could hear very little of the outside world (not even passing trucks) but now I can hear birdsong even when on high ANR. The noise reduction is still not as good as it was when I first bought the original pair. To say that I'm disappointed is an understatement.


Before anyone asks, my hearing is tested every two years for my job. It is very good and sensitive.


Also, I'm not especially wanting to jump on any "bandwagon" etc - I just want the product to work as it did when I first purchased it. Incidentally, A friend has bought the Qc35 II IN EAR set. He stated that the ANR was brilliant and that when he was wearing them, nothing (noise) could get past them - So I gave them a go.... and yup, they are just like my original pair. So what has changed? Are they running the same software?


I'm now considering my options - I think that I should be able to return the set for a full refund