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Aug 15, 2019

Re: Bose QC 35 ii keep skipping!!

Yes, same deal here, just wanted to post in case someone is looking for issues prior to buying.  As in post below, I plugged in the aux cord, that is the wired connection, to use in conjunction with the switch for ANC 'on.'   Obviously this is not ideal as we were all hoping to have wireless connection and sound cancellation.  So, while I'm bummed, at least I'm not totally at a loss.  So, I'll be somewhat content to play podcasts and audio books wirelessly and have to deal with plugged in connection when listening to Kashmir by Led Zeppelin.

rbaydoun123@hotmail.com wrote:
A month ago, I got bose wireless over the ear headphones (a friend told me bose was the best brand....) 2 weeks later those headphones started skipping during songs constantly, I was about to lose it! I thought I got a defective pair so I returned it and upgraded to the QC 35 ii. Keep in mind these headphones are almost $400. Not cheap headphones! It was amazing the first 2 and half weeks. Now here we are again...these headphones keep skipping during songs!! So either various best buy stores in new york all have defective headphones or bose is a brand that just has something seriously wrong with their headphones?? I would like to know why such an expensive pair of headphones can not serve their main purpose which is to PLAY MUSIC.