Bose QC25 headphones - faulty / replacement offered

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Bose QC25 headphones - faulty / replacement offered

Bose QC25 noise cancelling headphones, approx 3 years old, approx cost 250gbp now out of warranty and faulty lefthand speaker.  The Bose option is QC35 replacement headphones for an additional 135gbp.  How does this feel to me as a customer? 


I bought Bose because I thought the company/products were high end and of an excellent quality, I did not expect the product to develop a fault in 3 years, I did not think of them as a disposable item.  If I think about another company with excellent customer service I can cite, 'Dyson' who have a repair service and when the item is returned, it literally comes back packaged and repaired as if it was new.  That was what I thought I was buying when I bought a Bose product. If I want my Musto jacket repaired, it comes back as if it was new.


So being offered a replacement  for an additional 135gbp, meaning the cost to me is > 350gbp just does not feel right.  When I feel that Bose is not a quality company, a replacement offer should address that feeling.  If Bose offered me a replacement for say 50gbp I would feel Bose cared about customers and believed in their product quality.  The replacement offer does neither of these things.  I am not a happy customer.       

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Re: Bose QC25 headphones - faulty / replacement offered

At least you got offered a replacement!

I didn’t even get offered that luxury!

Here is my story....

This gets worse!

I contacted the number of the Bose service center in Thailand and they told me to send them in to see if they could repair them.

I sent them 2 days ago and just got a phone call...:

They said ...“We can’t fix them.”

I asked what could be done. They said they will send them back to me unfixed.

I got no offer of a new discounted pair!! I asked about a new discounted pair and was told no.

It gets worse!!!

Now they want 4 times the postage price I paid to get them couriered to them!!!!

I paid 2 dollars to get them couriered to Bose.

Now they want nearly 10 dollars to send them back unfixed!!!

This is outrageous. I paid 350 dollars and have used these about 10 times in my life!!

And this is a known manufacturing fault!

Somebody from Bose help me pleae!!
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Re: Bose QC25 headphones - faulty / replacement offered

Bose, would you like to respond with something for all these customers that are telling you that your products are not high quality and that your customer service is not what they expect from a company charging a premium price?  


Re: Bose QC25 headphones - faulty / replacement offered

Hi all,


Thanks for taking the time to share your experience with your headphones. We are very sorry for all the trouble you have gone through with your headphones and any issues getting service in your region. We understand it's frustrating when a product stops working correctly.  We generally don't repair headphones but would instead replace them with a new pair. Even beyond the warranty period, we try to provide service options that would involve a replacement at a discounted rate. Each situation is different so it would be difficult to respond to service options here. For the available options for your situation, we would encourage you to work closely with your local support team for assistance. Here is a link you can use. Click on your country, scroll down until you see "Contact Us."




Tony G - Community Support

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Re: Bose QC25 headphones - faulty / replacement offered

Hi Tony

Thanks for responding. I have got no solution from my local Bose support team.

They have not offered me a replacement at discounted rate. Smiley Sad

What are my options now? Just accept that my 350 dollars are down the drain?
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Re: Bose QC25 headphones - faulty / replacement offered

I must say, I am shocked at how Bose has dealt with this issue. The left speaker driver on my QC 25's has failed and Bose suggested I pay $189 plus shipping for a replacement set. Considering how well documented this issus is, I would have thought a company like Bose would stand behind their product and offer free replacemnts or repairs for QC25's outside their warranty period. I can buy QC25 for around $200 online so the offer is very poor. Bose technical support stopped answering emials and then the person I spoke to on the help line didn't even go to his superiors to see if a better compromise could be reached. 

I have around $6000 worth of Bose equipement in my home, I used to be a Bose brand supporter but now I will do my best to make sure my friends and family avoid these products. I used to thnk Bose was a quality company, but looking at videos of the QC speaker driver, it is clear that cheap low quality parts have been used and the customer support at Bose is lacking. Very dissapointing. 

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Re: Bose QC25 headphones - faulty / replacement offered

Tony G


I see you frequently post the same reply to contact local support.  I did this and they have the same solution, 'buy a replacement QC35 set for 135gbp'.  As I said before, this is not an offer that makes me happy and as I read more forum posts I see plenty of others feel the same. 


I will ask again, does Bose believe it is acceptable for it's products to fail after 3 years? 


If Bose does then fine, I suggest you change your slogan to 'Bose - Better sound through research for a limited time', if Bose believes their products are good quality and should last a longtime, then show your customers this and have a reasonable replacement offer.  After all if your products are good quality the costs should be limited.



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Re: Bose QC25 headphones - faulty / replacement offered

Hi Tony G

I am getting no help from the local Bose dealer from that link you posted.

What is my next option?

Do I have to fly to another country and try the local Bose Service there???

It’s ridiculous that in some countries the Bose Customer service centre offer their customers who believed in their product an option of replacing them, and in other countries they don’t want to know about your defective 350 dollar headphones????

Surely Bose should be consistent on this matter!

Do Bose care about their customers ?