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Jan 21, 2020

Bose QC35 Blaring horn sound



I have the Bose QC 35's and they work great most of the time, however sometimes they do strange things. There are two things that occur, the first is they will randomly stop playing whatever i am listening to and start playing this blaring constant horn sound at the headphone's max volume. To get this to stop i have to turn off the head Phones and wait for a few minutes, if i turn them on again too soon they will just go right back into the blaring horn sound (this happens while connected to Android and IOS devices). The second issue is they will sometimes disconnect randomly after already having connected and will be very difficult to reconnect. this second problem has been mentioned in the boards already but i thought it might be helpful to let y'all know it is happening to me as well. 


If you have any thoughts or suggestions, particularly on the first issue, please let me know.