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Oct 12, 2019

Bose QC35 II microphone -> How to stop hearing myself

So I pretty much have the exact same problem like this guy: 


When gaming my laptop fans run extremely loud. Thanks to the great noise cancellation this is not a problem. However when I'm gaming & communicating with friends over TS/Discord the microphone picks up my voice and my surrounding noises (including the loud fans & keyboard clicking!) so **bleep** well that this is 70% of what I'm hearing. And I think everyone agrees that hearing yourself when talking to someone else is very annoying. To be honest I find it a bit ridicilous that for a pair of high quality headphones which are also pretty expensive, a problem like that exists. Besides that the QC35II are nearly flawless.

Does anyone anyone have a solution, preferably a simple one, for this issue ? 

Thanks in advance.


Re: Bose QC35 II microphone -> How to stop hearing myself

Hello Konrad,


Thanks for reaching out to the community. I am very sorry to hear that you are facing an issue of hearing yourself through the microphone of your QuietComort 35 II Headphones. 


May I ask if you have tried the available troubleshooting provided within this original thread?


Many thanks,

Tegan M - Community Support