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Dec 24, 2019

Bose QC35 ii / Samsung S9 - Google Assistant Connection Issue

I've search and tried anything and everything I've found on this forum and others to get by this issue and have been unsuccessful... I'm about to go crazy!


When pressing the button on the left ear cup that I have setup for the Google Assistant I get - "Open the Google Assistant on your phone, then try that button again"  I've done everything imaginable from uninstalling the Bose Connection app to not using it at all and pairing directly through the phone with NFC and Bluetooth.  I've cleared all the Bluetooth connections on both the phone and headphones as well as restarted the phone and headset countless times.   I've gotten the button to work only on the first connection (sometimes).  If I turn the headphones off, it will never connect to the Google Assistant again... until I unpair them and start over.  It's maddening....  I spent $300 on these and one of the main functions doesn't work.  I've done all of the updates to both the headphones (4.5.2) and Android (9) with no success. I updated the headphones from both the mobile app and connected to my computer.  I need to know if this will ever work and if not, I will be returning them ASAP.  


Thank you in advance for any assistance!



Frustrated Customer - H.