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Jan 12, 2021

Bose SoundTrue II Around Ear II - Looking for Replacement Parts

To whom this may concern,


I own the Bose SoundTrue Around-Ear II’s (Apple Devices) - even though this is an older model, I did not start using the headphones until recently. I absolutely love them but have used them sparingly at most - maybe a few times per month. There are a few issues I've noticed with these headphones. The volume control on the headphone jack cable is stuck on the volume-up button. Thus at random intervals beyond my control, the volume will blast in my ear at maximum volume (which is quite painful). Additionally, I’ve noticed that the leather on the headband cushion and ear-cups have started to crack. I'm not sure why it is happening since I have been very careful with them.

I was advised to call or message Bose support to ask if they had the spare parts for my specific unit.


Over the phone I was told they indeed had the replacement parts in stock. I could either get the replacement parts or pay $149.99 to replace them for the SoundLink's. I was informed that the replacement cable + ear-cups would be around $50-$55 USD. The call accidently dropped so I then messaged a Bose support chat agent and got a completely different answer - he told me that the cushion kit is $17.63 and the cable was $9.26 - which is far more manageable within my budget. Why did I get two different answers when I asked about the price of the same replacement parts? I have proof of the chat if necessary. I then then emailed Bose support but received an automated response saying Bose support no longer uses email. 


The issue is that when I asked the support chat agent for a link or any type of verification (even just an image) of the product parts, to see if it was the right color and device compatibility. He said he couldn't do so because he was not "allowed to". I thought that response was super strange considering Bose has a dedicated online shop for all sorts of spare parts and accessories for your products - I assume there has to be some sort of record of your inventory. I also found the ear cup replacement kit myself on Bose Asia. Because the agent would not send me any sort of verification, I only purchased the cable but then was charged $15.00 for some reason even though I was told it was 9.26 and I would not have to pay for shipping.


Thus I ask for your help with #1 Confirming that Bose US does indeed have the correct ear-cup replacement kit and cable that I need for my specific unit, #2 confirming that I was sent the correct cable and #3 telling me why I was charged $15.00 instead of $9.26 for the cable (which I don't even know is the correct cable since the support agent refused to send me any sort of verification).


My apologies for the long message but I would really appreciate your help with this matter.


Thank You