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Apr 23, 2020

Bose connected to iphone but not to applications

Hey. I am having the exact same issue as this guy here:


you don’t listen to your customers. He told you already that he turned off the phone, restarted everything etc. This is not a user incident/mistake but an issue with your app or your earplugs.

i have the same **bleep** issue which appeared for some reason only a couple of hours ago. Sounds goes through bose when coming from iphone like hearing messages, but not through apps like audible or spotify anymore. Everything was working fine for a few months and now they stopped working. I am very dissatisfied, and not only talking about the battery life which, does last for a pretty good time but discharges itself after a week without even using it! I though that this was a defective one so I exchanged it but I am having the same issue on the new one. Have you even properly tested your device before selling it? Bose was great before with the qc25 etc but has been losing track ever since