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May 4, 2020

Bose headphones update stoped

I have this problem where I was updating my headphones and I accidentally got out of the app, when I went back into it, it was stuck on preparing update and would not progress at all. I’ve restarted the app, uninstalled it and reinstalled it, I’ve done everything I can and nothing worked. So I can’t update my headphones.


Re: Bose headphones update stoped

Hello gutgudgully, 


Welcome to the Bose Community! Sorry to hear that you are having a few issues with your headset updating, let's look into this further together. 


I would recommend that we start with attempting to update the headset via a different method, we can do this by connecting the headphones to a PC/Mac via the USB charging cable. Once connected please visit our online updater page and follow the on-screen instructions. 


We look forward to hearing back from you with the result of this method! 

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