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Sep 30, 2020

Bose nc 700 fault buzzing and resetting

  • Tried using my noise cancellation 700 headphones today for work as I do every other day but they refused to pick up the connection to my laptop or my phone. Just a loud buzzing sound and then continually resetting themselves. 

Only way I seem to be able to connect is to clear the Bluetooth devices list and re-pair from my laptop or phone, not very practical. The next time I try to connect I need to do it all again. These were only purchased in April to enable working from home, very disappointed and lost confidence in bose as a dependable quality product, I went for these as I'd been using my old pair of Bose headphones for around ten years and loved them but just wanted the NC capability for work.

Is this a known error or is there a factory reset I can do to fix?

Failing this I'll be looking for a pair of non bose headphones which will hopefully be more dependable, really surprised these are faulty already after spending £300!