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Oct 24, 2019

Bose soundsport wireless battery life issue

I’ve taken my Bose Soundsport Wireless headphones with me everywhere, and after just shy of a year they are not working as they have been. I use to be able to get 4 or more hours of straight use on a full charge but recently I’m getting 30 minutes. Also the “Battery low, please charge now” action is no longer present. Is there a fix to this or if they are bad is there a replacement option? I’d love to continue using the headphones how they use to be.


Re: Bose soundsport wireless battery life issue

Hi Lickedysplit, 


Thanks for reaching out to the Community. I'm sorry to hear that you are experiencing some battery issues with your SoundSport Wireless Headphones. 


I would firstly suggest performing a reset of your headphones. Instruction on how to do this can be found below.

  • Turn off the headset and wait 30 seconds
  • Plug the headset into a wall outlet using a USB charger, then wait 5 seconds
  • Unplug the USB cord from the headset and wait 1 minute
  • Turn on the headset

Following this, check for any available firmware updates for your headphones. This can be done via a computer using a USB and visiting our firmware update website btu.bose.com


Please let us know how you get on. 


Kind regards,

Tegan M - Community Support 

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