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Feb 16, 2021

Re: [Bug] Impossible to use the share sound feature from the Bose connect app

Hi, comming up with some news. I have managed to use the feature, sharing the sound from my headphones (device A) with a friend's ones (device C) which is also a Bose QC 35 II.

The differences between device A & B and C are as follows:

 Base connected deviceFirmware versionHeadset colour
AAndroid 104.8.1Gray
CAndroid 104.1.3Black

As a reminder I am unable to share sound either from device A to device B or from device B to device A. The Bose connect app does detect the other headset but is unable to make the connection to it, permanently prompting me to push the button to the right side for a second. This step was completed with sucess with device C, I managed to use the feature properly and with no issues.

Thanks for considerations and hoping for a fix.


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