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Sep 21, 2020

Cannot change noise cancellation during phone calls (QC35ii)

I recently purchased a new pair of QC35ii headphones. They mostly work well, but I have noticed that the action button does not seem to work during phone calls (I have an iPhone). While talking on the phone, I cannot change the noise cancellation setting from high to low to none by using the button. Instead, I have to manually switch the setting in the app. Is this normal? If so, why is this part of the design? Or are these headphones defective? Thank you!


(By the way, I have already tried resetting these headphones using the Bose recommended method.)

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Jun 15, 2018

Re: Cannot change noise cancellation during phone calls (QC35ii)

@ehsla19Interesting.  I never tried to hit the action button during a phone call.  I just tried it myself and can confirm - action button does not work.  However, I did try it while playing music residing on my iPhone with my "Ecoute" music app and also confirm that for that the action button DOES work.


Now I don't work for Bose but there are a couple of possibilities:

1. There may be a restriction somehow with the HFP profile which prevents Bose from using the action button during the phone call.  However, since you can change it with the Connect app, it is obviously not an ANC restriction.  So I don't rate this possibility as likely.

2. Bose did not implement the action button for HFP as they did for A2DS for some reason that is not apparent to us.  I myself can't think of a reason why.

3. There were multiple teams that worked on the firmware for the QC35 and I bet the team that worked on HFP was different than the A2DS team and the HFP just never designed or assigned programmers to implement the use of the action button during a phone conversation.  So unless Bose chimes in that it was #1 or #2 (or some other possibility), I deem this as the most likely possibility.

Now we may hear Bose chime in - probably the moderators/admins here.  I am guessing they will say it is 'by design' which of course imho doesn't make sense from a consistency point of view (since it works for A2DP and with the Connect app for both).  Or perhaps they will surprise us all and give us a legit technical reason for the restriction 🙂

But regardless, the QC35ii is way into it's life and I personally think it highly unlikely they will make any changes to the action button for a phone call.  In fact, the last firmware update was June, 2019 so I don't think we will see many more changes of any kind for this product - again a personal opinion from a non-Bose person.