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Dec 24, 2019

Cannot use Bose 700 for meditation

This kinda sucks. I am going for my masters in psychology with a focus on meditation for helping people. The Bose 700 wireless turn off after ten minutes! I am deep in meditation on some tropical 🌴🧘🏼 island somewhere and BOOM they turn themselves off. How am I supposed to use the things if they are only good for ten minutes?

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Re: Cannot use Bose 700 for meditation

Hello Cristina xMas, 


Thanks for reaching out to the community. I am very sorry that you have been left dissatisfied with the motionless auto off feature of your product. 


We have in October 2019 released an update which can allow you to alter this setting from 10 minutes to 1 hour. To ensure that your headphones are up to date, please connect your headphones to a computer via USB and visit which will provide you with full instructions on how to proceed.  Following this please visit the Bose Music App where in your product settings you can alter the auto-off. 


Do let us know if you have any further questions. 


Kind regards,

Tegan M - Community Support

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