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Jul 6, 2020

Cant power off even if plugged into software updater - Bose noise cancelling 700

I am literally at my last nerve with these headphones, I connect them to a device or secondary bluetooth adaptor and they never work first time. I have to try plug my noise cancellation 700 into the Bose software updater to search for an update to be able to turn them off or function them at all. This all worked up to a week ago where now even this doesn't work! So now I have to wait for my headphones to drain battery before having them off and starting all over again, as there's not a manual reset or turn off on these headphones that actually works in the freeze stat they go in. I got these on the release week and for the price they cost me I may aswell have thrown the money into the wind. Any suggestions anyone? other than me throwing them against a wall!!!


Re: Cant power off even if plugged into software updater - Bose noise cancelling 700

Hi @skindips,


I'm sorry to hear you've run into some difficulties using your Noise Cancelling 700 headphones - this shouldn't be happening. What devices are you connecting the headphones too and have you cleared the pairing lists on these devices before trying to connect the headphones?


In regards to power, the headphones will go into standby mode after not being used for a period of time, to conserve battery. When you mention performing a reset, were you following the steps HERE? Also, have you tried clearing the pairing list of the headphones as shown HERE, and then attempting to reconnect to your Bluetooth devices?

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