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Jul 9, 2020

Re: Charging QC35ii - flashes green and amber

Hi, I recently purchased this Bose QC35 II's last week (June 6th, 2020). The headphones lasted me 5 days until I heard the battery low warning from the headset. Therefore, I charged it fully for the first time, and initially it blinked red and amber. Over 3 hours later, it was blinking green and amber. I found this thread and updated the firmware to the newest one on the "https://btu.bose.com/" website. After the update was done, my headphones began blinking just amber. I unplugged it from the usb because it had been over the recommended 2 hours and 15 minutes charge time and waited a few minutes and turned them on. They indicated the charge was at 100%. Is there something wrong with my headphones because on the first day, it also disconnected from the bluetooth of my Iphone 11 Pro 3 times, one time was 30 minutes into using it and the other 2 times were random. In general, it seems to disconnect randomly. It has some good days and some bad. Any solutions for these problems?