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Nov 25, 2020

Connecting Bose 700 Headphones to Vizio V-Series TV

Anyone know whether there is a way to connect headphones wireleslly to a Vizio V-series TV that doesn't have bluetooth built in? I'm getting the runaround about whether an adapter will work or not, already bought a logitech adapter at Best Buy that isn't compatible.


Bose product name Noise Cancelling Bose 700 Wireless headphones 




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Detailed description of the issue and steps to reproduce


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When did you start to experience the issue? Did it work correctly previously?


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Re: Connecting Bose 700 Headphones to Vizio V-Series TV

Hey 16208th, 


Thanks for posting and welcome to the Bose Community! 


This isn't something that we can suggest as we haven't tested all adapters and TV's with the headset. If any users on the Community have used a Bluetooth adapter with their Vizio and have successfully connected their 700's please do let us know. 


Sorry that we can't be of further assistance with this. 

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Dec 10, 2020

Re: Connecting Bose 700 Headphones to Vizio V-Series TV (or others)

I have the same problem except I cant get a blue tooth transmitter  for my LG smart tv.   I have found some that might work, but they are requiring codec low latency.  I cant see anywhere that that "feature" is referenced in the Bose 700 documentation.