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Jun 14, 2021

Crackling Sounds in Bose 700 NC Headphones when audio starts playing.

I've hand these Bose 700 NC Headphones for 2 weeks and when I start to play a song or video or theres a notifaction there is a crackling noice that can somtimes be loud and sometime quiet. There will be times where it doesn't happen at all. These issues only started after skipping forward a few songs by swipping on the right earcup. I have no idea whats been happening. This seems to be like many others except they describe the crackling and popping consistant but it only happens when i start playing a song or watching a video. There will be 2 crackling noises and won't be back until the start until the next song/video please help me as this is not what I would expect from a bose product along with the terrible pairing on my samsung a21 which can take me up to 5 minuts to get them connected properly.

Jacek K
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Nov 16, 2020

Re: Crackling Sounds in Bose 700 NC Headphones when audio starts playing.



Unfortunately, I have the same issue. There is the dedicated thread 


In general - you can do nothing with this. I've already done everything Bose asked to do - reset headphones, tested with other devices, changed/updated drivers, checked all the settings (everywhere), etc.. I have the same issues on two pairs with different manufacturing dates from the day first after the purchase (30 Oct 2020). I was sure Bose will resolve this issue but nothing happened until today.


I started using again my 4-years-old QC35 for everything except calls because I work in a noisy environment and only NC700 is good enough to allow me to cut my background. But even during the calls, they can start stutter and my audience doesn't understand what I am talking about. Sometimes stuttering is like yours, sometimes my cans are pretty not usable and I need to switch to my old, but rock-solid, QC35...


The best thing you can do, in case you don't need noise-canceling mics for calls, is to return your pair and get your money back. I have to sadly admit, Bose is ignoring the voice of customers and I don't believe they provide a working fix any time.
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Jan 17, 2021

Re: Crackling Sounds in Bose 700 NC Headphones when audio starts playing.

I have the same issue. What I noticed is I am hearing what the microphone on the headset is picking up. If when this noise starts, you rub near the bottom of the left cup, you will hear crackling of you rubbing near that microphone. So it sounds like it is something in the software that is taking what the headphone uses from the microphone to help it do noise cancellation from external noise, and playing that noise it picks up into your ear in a garbled manner. Something in the software activates the noise cancellation, at at the same time plays the interpretation of the noise it uses to activate that cancellation. So they need to fix where it doesn't play that noise. But at this point I am just guessing as to what is happening.