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Feb 24, 2020


Not sure why this isn't published on YouTube in all the reviews since it's a big issue and I do hope that this post won't be deleted to conceal the truth about the BOSE 700 NC. 


It's not a surprise for those that search for it nor for the people that already purchased the headset and find out the bugs post-purchase and unable to return them. 


  1. When using the Bose 700 both with Mobile & PC and performing called on the PC using Skype/Teams/Slack/Zoom/Webex and what not - the headset will disconnect intermediate.
  2. If they won't disconnect and some notification will pop-up on your mobile - the headset will disconnect from your PC!  
  3. There's is no reset option! 
  4. During a call, sometimes the microphones can go crazy and you'll sound like a robot (!)

Talked to Bose support (ref. #[Edited by Moderator). The rep. was not aware of this issue/topic and said that he'll forward it. At the moment - there's NO ETA FOR IT TO BE FIXED...... NOR AN OFFICIAL NOTICE FROM BOSE ADDRESSING THIS.


PS - the company I work for purchased 8 units of Bose 700 and we're all suffering from the same stuff. This is a pure software issue that needs to be addressed ASAP. Unfortunately, we cannot return our units.