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Nov 18, 2019

Feature Request - Study Mode! (White/brown/pink noise, no auto-ff!)

I have the 700, and i found myself being distracted by the fact that i have to play something to keep the Noise cancelling on. I know i could change it in the app, but i dont want to accidentally forget and then leave them on and coming back to dead headset. I usually play classical or 'relaxing 'sounds. I think it would be a neat feature to have a study mode, where the headset dont turn off, and you can choose white noise,brown noise, and different levels . I also code, and for that i usually dont mind background music, but when reading with how loud a home can be during study/school , i think this would be an interesting thing to explore and include in the app. Now that we are remote everything and home everything during this time it would probably be a nice feature.


(and yeah probably go to to youtube and do all this and change settings. )


Re: Feature Request - Study Mode! (White/brown/pink noise, no auto-ff!)

Hi Drops77,


Thank you very much for your feature request! This will be passed onto the development team 😊


Have a great day.

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