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Jul 23, 2020

Feature Requests for the BOSE NCH 700

Dear all, Although I’m quite enjoying my Bose NCH 700, I would love to see these changes implemented:

1. The app on iPadOS should work in landscape mode.

2. I would like automatic switching between media sources. Right now, it's mandatory to pause the media playing in the first source if one wishes to start listening to media from the second source. I'd love that the media in the first source automatically pauses whenever some media from the second source starts playing. In my opinion, that would be a truly killer feature (other high-end headphones and earphones already do this).

3. I would love the headphones to automatically connect to known devices when entering into their Bluetooth range. Right now, whenever I get home using the headphones with my iPhone, I need to manually connect them to my MacBookPro whenever I get into its Bluetooth range. It'd be awesome to see them connect automatically to my computer whenever I get home using them with my iPhone.

4. Right now, the battery widget in iOS displays the battery percentage of the BOSE NCH 700 in 10% increments (i.e., 100%, 90%, 80% and so on...). It would be fantastic to be able to see the precise percentage of the battery. Also, it would be really cool to see the battery percentage in the BOSE Music app (either rather than or on top of) the estimated remaining time.

Thank you for listening!