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Mar 3, 2021

Feature request for NC700s: Enable microphone when USB connected

Hello! Everything is in the title, but I'll explain why I think bose needs to do this:


I, much like the hundreds of millions of people who can work from home now, am wishing I could enjoy high quality background music while having my microphone ready and active. There is a reason why I bought a $400 headset. Sadly, at the moment, my $30 Amazon Basics headset blows Bose out of the water in this regard. 


The Bluetooth Hands Free profile is required to have the microphone active, which meeting programs (Slack...Teams....etc etc etc) want to have continuous access to. The Hands Free profile and the A2DP profile can not be active at the same time. My understanding is that this is a limitation of Bluetooth in its current generation and that there's nothing Bose or anyone else can do about this. It's the same reason why, if music continues playing on your phone when you take a call, the audio goes to crap. 


But the microphone cannot be active on the A2DP profile! Now I love that these headphones have received a software update to continue working when plugged into my PC via USB, but can we pretty please have the microphone as well for the above reasons? 

I'd love to give these $30 Amazon headphones to Goodwill, but right now, they're what I spend half of my day rocking on my head. Looking hopelessly at my Bose 700's and their inability to compete in the work from home...workspace. 

For a very detailed writeup of this issue as it pertains to a guy with some Sony's see this reddit post:

That being said, this sort of update would notably set my 700's apart from the WH1000's too. 😃


Technical Info: 

Location: USA
Product: Bose NC 700's
Firmware: 91.0.9-35+9ca16c3
App: Bose Music (app version 4.3.4 on Android 11 on a Pixel 4a 5g)

Issue specific to myself reproducible on Windows 10 with the Pluggable Bluetooth USB adapter, plugged into a USB 2.0 port, with the Broadcom drivers for the BCM20702 Bluetooth chip inside.