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May 24, 2020

Firmware Update Bose 700

I purchased my Bose 700 headphones on Amazon expecting a step up from the QC 35 2's only to discover that these headphones are a software disaster! I enjoy the sound and features but they are not loud enough. Then I was excited for the latest software that did improve the sound somewhat and a nice edition with the EQ feature. Then I discovered the battery issue which I can only charge to 16 hours plus the noise cancelling is worse!!! I now also have trouble with connecting to my iPhone with the app after having them paired to my computer. I have only 8 days left to return these to Amazon and if a new update doesn't fix these issues, they are going back this week and I'm pretty sure I won't purchase Bose again. I paid $500 for headphones that don't work properly! What a disappointment!