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Sep 15, 2020

Headset saturation cutting in and out when aux cable moves

Bose QC35 I

About a year old


A couple weeks ago I noticed a lost of saturation whenever I had an aux cable connected to the headset, however, shifting the aux cable end (that goes into the headset) fixed the problem.  I also noticed the aux cable end (of the headset) is pretty loose. It is starting to get annoying, so these are some things I did:


I tried a different aux cable and a different PC, but the aux cable end (of the headset) was still loose. 

I made sure the headset was up to date in all software updates.

I made sure to charge up the headset.


Though, still no use, any fixes?


Re: Headset saturation cutting in and out when aux cable moves

Hi Jacklahm,


Thanks for reaching out, sorry you're having some issues using an AUX connection. Thanks for trying some great troubleshooting.


Does there appear to be any damage on the connection on the headset?


Do you get poor connection across all devices your plug your headphones into?


I look forward to hearing from you.

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